Password Tejas Mesquite Putters
  • Each Tejas putter is individually handcrafted from start to finish, with each having its own personality, character and style.

  • When holding a Tejas putter, you will experience the game of yesteryear with today’s modern technology.

  • All Tejas putters are made from native woods of South Texas. Our woods are selected for their density and beauty.

About Tejas Mesquite Putters

While holding a Tejas Mesquite Putter, you hold a part of our true and rugged Texas history. All Tejas Mesquite Putters are handcrafted in Victoria, Texas using native woods from our great state. Each putter takes many hours to cut, shape, weight, sand, and pre-finish. For the final finish, each putter receives 6 coats of automotive clear coat which dries to a hard, scratch resistant finish. We allow the finish to cure for 30 days, then we wet sand and polish each putter head to a smooth, high gloss finish.

We are certain as you compete with your friends on the course, your Tejas Mesquite Putter will become your friend and ally.

Using only native woods of South Texas, each putter is part of our rugged history and independence.

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A Little About John Legg

John, an avid golfer is the founder and creator of Tejas Mesquite Putters. John has honed his woodworking skills for many years and you can be assured your Tejas Mesquite Putter will have a flawless finish, be perfectly balanced, and the most unique putter in your bag.

John and Dottie are members of the Texas Mesquite Association and enjoy traveling to different shows around our great state and are actively involved in their local church.



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